White Wine Pasta



So, this definitely does not fall into the “healthy” category.  Not at all.  But it is the comfiest comfort food I’ve had in quite a long time.  It’s also a quick and inexpensive meal!  You can throw in whatever you want to make you feel less guilty about a pasta dish with 4 tablespoons of butter in it.  I chose broccoli today, but spinach, mushrooms, or anything like that would also be good.

(This totally makes up for it, right?)

I have taken to making this once a week recently.  If you like to save and reheat pasta, this one works well for that too!  Oh, and since you’re cooking with wine, I recommend this to be your faithful sous chef:

Hehe. But, a mantra my mother has always lived by as a cook is this:

“The cheaper the wine, the better it is to cook with.”

Thanks, mom.  But it’s true!  I used Barefoot Sauvignon Blanc for this ($6) and it was better than when I splurged on a nicer bottle.

Here it goes:

Serves 2

1 lb pasta
4 Tbsp butter
2 shallots, diced
1 heaping Tbsp flour
1/3 cup white wine
Juice of one lemon


**If you are choosing to use vegetables, I recommend adding them directly to the boiling pasta about 3 minutes before you’re going to take it off the heat.**

Cut up your shallots and any vegetables you desire (again, any greens, mushrooms, broccoli, etc. is good).  Melt 2 tablespoons of butter over medium heat in a dutch oven or other wide bottom pan.  Set your water to boil for the pasta, salt the water if desired (I don’t).  After the butter has melted, add the shallots and cook for about 4 minutes, or until translucent and pungent.
IMG_2307Add the tablespoon of flour and stir it around to pick up all that tasty butter.  Then, add the wine.  Meanwhile, add your pasta to the water when it’s boiling and cook it like normal at a rolling boil.

After the hissing has quieted, turn the heat down to medium low and let it cook until the ingredients have returned to their pre-wine size.  Turn up the heat again.  Add the lemon juice and remaining two tablespoons of butter.  Stir until all ingredients are combined.  Add your strained pasta and veggies to the sauce and stir vigorously to combine.  Serve immediately (and have another glass of wine!)



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