Corn and Avocado Cold Salad


This recipe. This recipe is SO GOOD.

I did this one today because I had a special request from a friend to see what it looks like.  I eat this all year round because it’s easy to pack and save for later, but it’s especially good in the summer because it’s raw and it requires no heat to make.  I live in the South. It’s hot here.  And sometimes you just can’t put hot things into your body.


1 avocado
1/2 pint cherry tomatoes (about 10)
1 ear fresh corn (frozen is fine)
2 Tbsp olive oil
1/2 Tbsp honey
1 clove garlic
1 lime
4-5 sprigs cilantro
2 pinches salt and pepper, or to taste
Optional: chili powder, cumin, or anything else spicy


IMG_1557They so beautiful.

Cut the cherry tomatoes in half and cut the avocado into bite-size pieces.  Clean the ear of corn if using fresh, or thaw frozen corn to room temp. IMG_1563IMG_1561 Mince garlic and cilantro leaves.  In a bowl, whisk together olive oil, honey, lime, salt, pepper, cilantro and optional spices.  Combine vegetables and dressing in a bowl and sit in the refrigerator for at least 10 minutes so flavors set.



Difficulty: A baby can do it!   Moderate abilities will carry you to success   This recipe is balls-to-the-wall.
Total Time: 15 minutes
Overall food rating: A.  Avocados provide healthy fats and leave you feeling full, tomatoes are full of vitamin C and other good stuff, and corn, though not a stellar source of nutrients, is better than processed white starches.  Gluten free and vegan!
Cost efficiency:  $4.64 ($2.32/serving… if you can save some!), assuming you didn’t buy olive oil, spices, or garlic and used fresh corn.


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